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Chataka for Facebook 2.0

Chataka for Facebook adds voice and video to your Facebook chat
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Chataka for Facebook is a free add-on for your browser, that will add voice and video to your Facebook chat.
This program can integrate perfectly with Internet Explorer 9 or Mozilla Firefox 9.0.1. You can use your Facebook chat as you always do. The difference is that your contact will receive a message with a link to the Chataka web site, where he/she will be able to download the add-on, if it is not installed on his/her PC. After installing it, both of you will be able to use voice and video in your Facebook chatting. The first time you make a video call, a complimentary add-on will be installed, that allows video calls in Facebook.

From that moment on, all your chats with that contact can contain video and voice, since Chataka will manage those calls, not Facebook.

This service is absolutely free. To use it, you will only need to have a Facebook account, a service that is free, too. Chataka will let you chat with your Facebook contacts as if you were using other programs, like Skype or Windows Live Messenger.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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